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Reports - Top Performers
Posted by Raj Kumar on 05 July 2016 06:13 AM

Applies to: Reports, top performers, Domains, Categories, Users, File types

Modified on: 29-Sep-2016.  


The Reports page can assist you in monitoring Web Security past performance, user browsing and activity, and security related information.

The following article describes the Top Performers

Top Performers 

The Top Performers reports provides statistical analysis of the top performers for:

  • Domains - the most commonly requested domains
  • Categories - the most commonly identified categories 
  • Users - the most active users during the specified period
  • File types -  the most commonly used/accessed file types

Available filters

For each of the above report options, you can set the report for the available following filters:

  • Request filter options – filter results based on the mobility, allow/block, categories and super categories.
  • Resolution – choose between Bandwidth or Transactions.
  • Time interval options – last 24 hours (UTC), last 7 days, last 30 days, and last 12 months.

Note - each HTTP request is counted as a transaction. The number of transactions always equals the total number of requests being made, including those being made transparently.

Follow these guidelines to customize a Top Performers - Domain report

  • Login to WebSecurity Admin console
  • Click on Reports
  • Click on Top Performers tab.
  • Click on Domains report.
  • Choose your preferred report filter option from the drop down menu (All Requests), the time frame and Transactions or Bandwidth.
  • Click on Show.
  • Results will be displayed accordingly.

       CWS_top performance_2_Sep_29_2016

Similarly, follow the above steps for accessing reports of Categories, Users and File Types.


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