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Customizing welcome email template
Posted by Shanmugam Selvaraj on 28 June 2016 01:57 PM

Applies to: Email template, Welcome mail

Modified on: 06/28/2016


When onboarding end-users to the Web Security service, the administrator can choose if a Welcome Email will be sent to the end-users or not. The Welcome Email contains an onboarding link (for PC and mobile devices) that show users how to set their password and login into the service.  In the case where the administrator chooses to send the welcome email, the administrator can edit the content of email.


  • Login into Web Security Admin Console
  • Click Settings on the top right of portal page
  • Navigate to Web Security tab

Settings Web Security

  • Scroll down to the End User Interface section
  • Click on Email Template to edit the Welcome Email content.CWS_Welcome_Email
  • The welcome email supports several languages. While English is the default language, you can use the drop down menu to change the languages used in the welcome email. Supported languages: Chines, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish. 
  • The welcome email notations to be used (appear as icons below the email text box):
    • Insert application name : {{app_name}}
    • Insert user name : {{full_name}}
    • Insert reset link :{{reset_link}}
    • Insert expiration days : {{exp_days}}
    • Insert company name : {{company_name}}
    • Insert support email : {{support_email}}
  • Use the Send test mail to have a sample mail with your edits sent to the administrator, for review.
  • Use the Reset button to reset the welcome email content to its default.
  • Click Save to keep your changes. 
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