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Adding users and groups manually to Cyren Web Security
Posted by Tal Beck on 14 June 2016 07:42 AM

Applies to: WebSecurity, ADSync, Support tools, User, Group

Modified on: 26-June-2016

End Users and groups can be added to WebSecurity by synchronizing user data from the Active Directory using the Active Directory Synchronization Agent, or by adding the users and groups manually to the WebSecurity via the Admin Portal. 

The following article describes the steps for adding users manually via the Admin Portal.


  • Login to Admin Console.
  • If you manage more than one customer account, click on the relevant customer name.
  • On the left menu click POLICIES.
  • Click Users tab. 
  • Choose All users.

  • Adding a new user:
    • To add a new user, enter the Email address, First Name and Last Name.
    • Click the green plus icon on the right side.
    • Click Save to keep your changes.
    • The envelope icon can be used to send a welcome email. 
    • The envelope with a lock icon can be used to unlock the user if the account is locked. 

  • Creating and adding a new group:
    • Right click on All users, and click Create Group.
      Adding Groups
    • The Create new group window opens:
      Adding Groups 2
    • Enter the group name, and click Create.
    • New users can now be added directly under the new group created. 



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