How to create and update a Protection Rule
Posted by Jacinth Samuelraj on 20 May 2016 11:06 AM

Applies to: HTTPS, SSL

Applies to CYREN WebSecurity version number: 3.1

Modified on: 12-Oct-2016


The goal of the Protection tab is to enable you to create one or more protection rules that are applied in a hierarchical order to create an overall, organization-wide protection plan. The following article describes how to define protection rules.


  • Login to CYREN Web Security Admin Console.
  • Click Policies and select the Protection tab.
  • To create a new protection rule, click the + button next to the Status column. A new protection rule line will be added.    


  • Users & Groups column
  • Locations column
    • In the Locations column, you can choose to apply the protection rule to all locations (Anywhere) or a specific location from the drop down list. 
    • Location options:

      Option Explanation
      Anywhere Transactions coming from any IP origin or source.
      All Sites Transactions coming from any of the sites defined under the Locations tab.
      Selected Sites Transactions coming from the specified sites defined under the Locations tab.
      Off Site Transactions coming from origins which are not defined as sites in the system.
      All Mobile- Transactions coming from any mobile devices.
      Mobile BYOD Transactions coming from devices defined as BYOD.
      Mobile Corporate Transactions coming from devices defined as corporate.
    • You can select multiple locations to apply the protection rule.
    • Creating custom locations.

  • Effective Time column
    • In the Effective Time column you can chose to apply the protection rule at all times, or select a predefined time set from the drop down menu, or Create a new Time Set.

  • Policy column
    • In the Policy column, from the drop down menu chose the policy to be enforced in this protection rule. (How to create a new Policy)

  • Status column
    • Chose if the Protection rule should be Enabled (enforced) or Disabled (not enforced), by clicking on the Enabled/Disabled.

  • Click Save to keep the changes to the protection rule.
  • To delete a Protection rule, click on icon at the end of the rule line, and click Save to keep your changes.
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