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How to create a new custom category
Posted by Ankit Kumar on 20 May 2016 07:34 AM

Applies to:Web security,Policy sets, security, Custom Category, Add Category

Modified on: Sept-29-2016


This article describes the process of adding a new custom category for the CYREN WebSecurity service. Custom categories allow you to define specific actions (allow/block) to specific URLs. 

How to add a new category

  • Login to Web Security Admin console
  • On the left side menu click Policies.
  • Click on the Policy sets tab. 
  • Scroll down to the Custom Categories section.
  • Click +Add Category button.
  • The Add Custom Category window will open:

             Add Custom Category

  • Enter a Name for the new custom category in the Name field.
  • Enter a description for the new custom category in the Description field (optional).
  • Select the Action for this category: Allow or Block.
  • Click OK to create the new custom category. 
  • Click Save to keep your changes.
  • Add URLs to the new Custom category that was created. 


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