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How to create a new Policy
Posted by Ankit Kumar on 19 May 2016 10:37 AM

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Modified on: 06-June-2016


Policy Sets define the URL categories and the corresponding action – allow/block access when users browse the internet. The WebSecurity service starts with three predefined reference policy sets: Security, Compliance and Productivity. Upon need, administrators can modify or create a new Policy set.   

Adding a new Policy set

  •  Login to Web Security Admin console
  •  From the left side, click on the Policies page
  •  Click on the Policy sets tab
  •  Click the +Add policy Set on the hovering ribbon. 


  • The Add Policy window appears.


  •  Type a policy name of your choice and click on Add.
  •  Configure the newly created policy based on your preferences (set the Security preferences, as well as relevant actions per URL category).

           Recent Policy sets

  •  Click Save to keep the new policy settings.  
  •  The Administrator can create as many Policies as needed. 
  •  The new created Policy can be used under the Protection Rules.
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