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How to protect the end users without installing CYREN WebSecurity Agent
Posted by Shanmugam Selvaraj on 19 May 2016 10:00 AM

Applies to: Agent less, Location, IP address Based Protection, Authentication, Location based authentication,

Modified on: Oct-06-2016


For implementations that require no software (WebSecurity Agent) to be installed on the end user device (agent-less), CYREN WebSecurity provides the option of Location based filtering, using the location IP address.


  • Log into WebSecurity Admin Console.
  • Click the Policies in the left pane and navigate to the Locations tab. 

Policies, Locations

  • Enter a new Site Name, which can be your office name, geographical location or any other descriptive name that will assist in identifying the site location.
  • Click on the Click to set Public IP address of the location.
  • The Set Site Network Address window is opened

Adding Public IP of the Location/Site

  • From the drop down menu, chose the relevant IP setting (IPv4, IPv6, IP range, etc) or host name to define the location, and enter the values. 
  • Click OK to save your settings.
  • Change the authentication type from By User to By Location and click the green plus icon + at the end of the line, to add this site.

Policies / Locations

  • Click Save to keep the new site settings.
  • Navigate to the Protection tab, and create a new protection rule or update an existing protection rule that applies to the new location resource defined.


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