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How to bypass websites using PAC file
Posted by Yael Tasher on 17 May 2016 08:02 AM

Applies to: Proxy, bypass, skip, PAC file, website, URL, IP, range, hostname, filter

Applies to CYREN WebSecurity version number: 3.0.3

Modified on: 17-May-2016  


The PAC file, a Proxy Auto Configuration file, defines how web browsers and other user agents can automatically choose the appropriate proxy server (access method) for fetching a given URL (access the internet). When using the CYREN based PAC file, all traffic from the supported browsers will be routed via the WebSecurity Cloud, and filtered based on the policy set by the customer Admin. 

The service comes with a default, however you can modify the configuration of the PAC file.

To edit a PAC file:

  1. On the Settings page open the Web Security tab.
  2. In the PAC file section, click Edit PAC File
    PAC File settings

  3. The PAC Definitions page appears:
    PAC file definitions

  4. Under the Proxy bypass click on the drop down down menu to select an IP, range or host bypass:

  5. Enter the host names of IP address that will be passed (ignored) by the Web Service proxy. 
  6. Click Save.
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