How to install and configure ADSync Agent
Posted by Shanmugam Selvaraj on 11 May 2016 12:52 PM


Applies to: Configure, Active Directory, ADSync, Synchronizing User accounts

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Modified on: Oct-06-2016


The Active Directory Synchronization Agent should be used when the end-users and groups data is to be synced with the  Active Directory to the CYREN WebSecurity Cloud.


  • Login to WebSecurity Admin Console.
  • Verify that the Active Directory Synchronization is enabled. 
  • Click Settings, open the WebSecurity tab, and scroll to the Active Directory Synchronization section.
  • Click the Download icon to download the Active Directory Sync Agent.  
    • Note: Don’t change the name of the msi file and also make sure that the file name ends with the # symbol
      For example:
    • Note: Please check the minimum requirements for running the ADSync Agent mentioned below. 
  • Execute the ADSync MSI installer.
  • Upon completion of the installation the Synchronization Agent Configuration window opens.
  • The Active Directory Synchronization options: 
    • LDAP URL: used to set up the URL for the Active Directory Server (for example: LDAP://OU=myOrgUnit,DC=corp,DC=myCompany,DC=com)
    • Binding User: provide the username which will be used for reading the AD data.
    • Password: provide the password of the binding user.
    • Repeat password: verify the binding user password.
    • The e-mail object property is the unique identifier for the WebSecurity, make sure it is set. 


Note: Initial sync will take sometime to update the user accounts based on the users volume.

  • Once the initial Sync is completed the users and groups information will get updated in the CYREN portal.
  • By default, a task scheduler will be created for ADSync Agent to update any changes in the Active Directory to the WebSecurity portal. By default, a scheduler is set to run every 10 minutes. 

Note: CYREN captures only first & last name, email address and fax numbers. User passwords are not read or copied from the Active Directory.


ADSync Agent minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net4.5 Framework
  • Windows Server 2008 RC2 or higher
  • Workstations with Windows 7 or higher
  • 32 or 64 bit

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