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Creating a new partner account in Web Security Portal.
Posted by Aaron Benjamin on 11 May 2016 06:07 AM

Applies to: Partner Portal, New Partner,Creating partner

Modified on: Sep-28-2016



The following article describes how  a new Partner account is created via the Web Security Partner Portal.


  • Login to the Web Security Partner Portal 
  • Click + Partners icon to add a new Partner.

CWS Adding Partner Account

  • Enter the Partner Name.
  • Based on the geographical location of the partner account, select the new partner region, US or EU.

CWS Partner Addition Account Info Tab

  • Click Next.
  • The Contract tab opens. 
  • Under the Product Catalog, choose the products that the this new partner will be allowed to resell.
  • Under the Permissions section set the privileges to be extended to the new partner. 
    CWS Partner Addition Contract Tab
    For more information about partner permissions, review the partner permissions article. 

  • Click the Create button to save and generate the new partner. 
  • With the new partner created, a new customer account under this partner will be created with an unlimited seat evaluation license will be created for the partner for a period of 30 Days.



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