How to enable mobile device support
Posted by Raj Kumar on 09 May 2016 10:28 AM

Applies to: Wireless Security, Mobile Security, Policies, iOS, Android

Modified on: 30-Sep-2016  


A key value-added element of the Web Security service is the ability to protect end-users while they are surfing on mobile devices (specifically iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets (running Android v. 4.0 and up or iOS v 6 and up).

There are two types of employee devices that can be connected to the Web Security cloud via the organization's network. These include:

  •  Corporate devices such as tablets or smartphones.
  •  BYOD - Bring Your Own Devices which is user's personal device.


  • Login to WebSecurity Admin console.
  • Click Settings.
  • Navigate to the Web Security tab. 
  • Under the Mobile section,check the Mobile Support checkbox.
    Note – this option can be activated only if the customer license supports mobile.


  • Click Save to keep your changes.
  • When Mobile Support is enabled, the Android and iOS device selections becomes available.
  • New users will receive a welcome email, and the WebSecurity onboarding link will lead them to the relevant onboarding process per the device they open the link on (users should open the welcome email from the device they wish to onboard).

  • Follow the relevant guidelines for onboarding per device operating system:


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