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Reports - Activity Log
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The Reports page can assist you in monitoring Web Security past performance, user browsing and activity, and security related information.

The following article describes the Activity Log

Activity Log

The Web Security Service maintains log records of all transactions to enable you to review past results and activity. By default, log transactions are stored for 3 months.

This log offers an indication of the amount of transactions per selected period. For each record, the following information is displayed:



Date & Time (UTC)

Shows the date and time of the transaction.

User (email address)

Shows the name of the user that performed the transaction.

Note: N/A is displayed when the user was not available. 


Shows the name of the site from where the transaction was performed.

Note: N/A is displayed when the site was not available.


Shows the transactions protocol type, HTTP or HTTPS or DNS.


Shows the transaction’s host name.

Risk Level

Shows the transaction’s calculated risk level.

Note: N/A is displayed when the risk level was not calculated. For example, if the transaction was blocked by URL filtering, then the transaction risk level is not calculated.

Action (allow, block)

Shows the transaction’s policy action.


Follow these guidelines to customize the Activity log report:

  • Login to WebSecurity Admin console
  • Click on Reports menu. 
  • Click on Activity Log tab.
  • Chose the Users and/or Sites – start typing the name and select from the available results. The results will displayed for the selected Users/Sites. 
  • Chose the time frame from the drop down menu.
  • Chose the type of transactions – Allow/Block/All.
  • Chose the number of entries to show – 10, 25, 50 or 100 entries at a time.
  • Click on "Show" tab.
  • Results will be displayed as shown below.

       Activity log

  • Use the Advanced button to set additional filters:
    Advanced tab

    • Domains - Enables you to filter for a specific domain name.
    • Groups - Enables you to select which groups should be included in the display. You can select more than one group. If you know the name of the group, you can begin typing the name and the dropdown list will narrow the list of available groups until you find the one(s) you want.
    • Super Categories - Select one or more super categories to be displayed.
    • Categories - Select one or more categories to be displayed.
    • Roaming - Select either roaming or non-roaming.
    • Protocol - Select all protocols, or one of the following: HTTP, HTTPS, or DNS.

All Reports data can be exported to a CSV file, by clicking on the Export button on the bottom right of the page. 


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