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ADSync log
Posted by Yael Tasher on 10 July 2016 07:17 AM

Applies to: Active Directory Synchronization Agent, ADSync, log, synchronization

Modified on: 10-July-2016



The Active Directory Synchronization Agent, synchronize users and groups data from the Active Directory every 10 minutes by default. The information on the last synchronization and it's status (successful/Failed) is listed in the Admin Portal.

Checking the last ADSync status

  • Login to the Admin Portal.
  • Open the Settings page, and click on the General tab.
  • Under the Active Directory Synchronization section check for the Last sync status:
    ASDync successful sync
  • The above image shows successful synchronization. 
  • In the case where there was some issue with the synchronization, an additional red line will be listed under the Last Sync time, with a link to the error log. For example: 
    ADSync error log
  • When clicking on the complete errors list link the following window opens:
    ADSync error log
  • By clicking Send to Email, the error log will be sent to the WebSecurity administrator email address. 


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