Do you offer a pop-up blocker?
Posted by - NA - on 29/05/2009 13:37
F-PROT Antivirus does not offer pop-up blocker functionality.

For Windows XP users:

You can now download and install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Included in Service Pack 2 is a pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer. When you install Service Pack 2, the pop-up blocker is installed and activated by default. If you wish to change the default pop-up blocker settings, simply run Internet Explorer and find "Pop-up Blocker". From that menu you should be able to find the Pop-up Blocker Settings:

You will know that the pop-up blocker works by the yellow bar that appears whenever Internet Explorer has blocked a pop-up. By right-clicking the bar, you can easily allow pop-up for the page you are viewing.

For non-Windows XP users:

If you are not using Windows XP then a helpful tool you can download is the Google Toolbar that includes a pop-up blocker.

You can download Google Toolbar* from this webpage. For further information on Google Toolbar's pop-up blocker.

*FRISK Software can in no way be made responsible for material or programs viewed or downloaded from outside sources.

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