[Admin] Updating Key on Multiple Computers
Posted by Finnbogi Finnbogason on 25/07/2014 15:27

This article provides guidelines to updating the Subscription Key on multiple computers. 

The Problem

When renewing your subscription for F-PROT AV for Windows, usually the software will automatically contact CYREN license servers checking for updates to the subscription key. However after the launch of the new CYREN Web Shop (May 5th 2014) renewing customers need to manually enter the subscription key obtained from the new web shop into the software.

This is only required once, to migrate between the two subscription systems. However, the problem for multiple computers is that updating the key through F-PROT‘s user interface can be a huge task for performing manually on tens or hundreds of computers.

The Solution

In the case you are administering this change to multiple computers on your network we hope the following instructions will help you keep F-PROT Antivirus active in updating to the latest definitions.

The subscription key is stored in the Windows Registry. By updating the key directly in Windows Regitry you can avoid the use of F-PROT‘s user interface for this task.

For this we have created the following example of Registry Entries file (.REG) to import the new key into the Windows Registry:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\FRISK Software\F-PROT Antivirus for Windows]


Creating a Registry Entries (REG) file

  1. Open a new Notepad item

  2. Copy the above template and paste it into Notepad.

  3. Erase the 32BITKEY and 64BITKEY parts and instead enter/paste the two subscription keys (32-bit and 64-bit) obtained from your new CYREN Web Shop account.
    NOTE: Make sure to remove all hyphens from within the keys, i.e. AAAAAABBBBBBCCCCCCDDDDDDEEEEEEFFFF

  4. Save the text file and close Notepad.

  5. Optionally rename the .TXT file to have the .REG extension associated in Windows with importing Registry Entries.

Importing the Registry Entries

There are many ways possible for importing Registry Entries to multiple systems. We will assume that System Administrators choose the method most convenient to their own procedures of system maintenance.

One example would be to place the REG file onto a network share accessible to all affected computeres, then create/modify a Log On script to run the following command:

     reg import \\SERVER\Share\fprotkey.reg

If you need further assistance on how to go about this in your environment, please open a ticket with Technical Support and describe the environment in which you need to proceed with the needed changes.


F-PROT Antivirus and Command Anti-Malware are products of CYREN