Setting up a scheduled scan task in Command Anti-Malware Version 5
Posted by Gunnar Þór Jónsson on 03/05/2017 14:17

Step 1 - Open the Command Anti-Malware Version 5 Console:


  • Double click the Command Anti-Malware Version 5 system tray icon

Step 2 - Opening the Scheduled Scan Dialog screen:


  • Click the Advanced button to switch to Advanced Mode


  • Click the Tasks button and a list of predefined tasks will appear in the right pane.


  • Select the Scan My Computer task  (You can also create a new task)


  • Click Properties


  • Click the Schedule tab

 Step 3 - Configuring the Scheduled Scan:


  • Put a check mark in the Enable Scheduling box


  • Now Select Configure for detailed configurations


  • Click on the Schedule tab and select New


  • Pick your preferred frequency and time for the scan to run and click OK


  • Enter and confirm the administrator's password in order to run this task as an administrator on the computer


  • Click Save to save your settings 

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