Upgrade from Galileo 5.1.0 to 5.1.5
Posted by Gunnar Þór Jónsson on 08/04/2013 15:50

How should I upgrade from Galileo 5.1.0 to 5.1.5?


Please uninstall the previous version of Galileo and Command Anti-Malware Snap-in and then install version 5.1.5 (configurations will not be deleted)

Galileo should not allow updating of existing (5.0.9) configurations with 5.1.1. A new configuration must be created and pushed to the clients. It is not recommended to remove the existing configuration and then push to the new one. It would be better to create a new configuration, reassign the computers to it and then remove the existing one as follow:

Create a new configuration and assign the existing computers to it, Galileo will produce a warning saying that computers already belong to a different configuration. You can ignore the warning and continue.

Push the new configuration.

After successful push and moving all computers to the new configuration, then delete the old one. Deleting a configuration will not delete the files on the share, they have to be manually deleted, this is by design.

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