Gather event viewer logs
Posted by Gunnar Þór Jónsson on 08/04/2013 13:42

How do I manually collect event viewer logs?


NOTE: These logs are automatically gathered when running the Loggatherer.exe tool.


Step 1. Click Start .

Step 2. Right-click My Computer and click Manage.

Step 3. Click the + next to Event Viewer.

Step 4. Right-click Application and click Save Log File As

Step 5. Select Desktop and enter the File name: applog and click Save

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all listings under event viewer (security, system, ect.) naming the file similar (seclog, syslog, ect).

Step 7. Place all files saved from this to a new folder on the desktop named EventViewerLogs.

Step 8. Right click the EventViewerLogs folder and click Send To and click Compressed (zipped) file

Step 9. Click OK if prompted and you will have an EventViewerLogs zip on your desktop ready to submit to the support team for evaluation.

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