How to exclude files and folders
Posted by Gunnar Þór Jónsson on 08/04/2013 15:09
  How to exclude files and folders?

There are three ways to exclude in Command Anti-Malware; FilesFile Types(Extensions), and Folders.



     1. Open CSAM by double clicking on the System Tray icon.   


2. Click the Basic/Advanced switch to Advanced.

3. Click the Settings button.

4. Click the Exclusions tab.



Choose how the file will be excluded; click on FilesFile Types, or Folders.


For Files and Folders:

             1. Click Browse and navigate to the file(s) to exclude.

             2. Click Add and Save.


For File Types:

             1. Type in the extension that will be excluded.

             2. Click Add and Save

NOTE: The default extensions that get scanned are in the Dat files.

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