Scheduling CSAM v5 to download and install the updates automatically
Posted by Gunnar Þór Jónsson on 14/03/2017 09:46

Can I schedule CSAM v5 to download and install the updates automatically?


Yes, you can schedule CSAM v5 to download and install the updates automatically.

To schedule the Dat (definition) files to update automatically, please follow the steps bellow:

1. Open the CSAM v5 console by double clicking the System Tray icon.

2. Click on the Update button from the main console.

3.  On the updater window, click the Schedule button.

4.  Under schedule silent updates, click the Dat files and select Update from the drop down box.

5.  Click Accept and a new window will open.

6.  Click New to setup a new schedule.

7. Click the Advanced tab if you wish to repeat the task.

Click the OK button to save.


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