Subscription Keys
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A Subscription Key consists of 34 characters and is divided into 6 groups e.g. 'AA22BB-CCLDF3-GG44KL-MFFNP6-P6QQ7R-STUV'. The characters such as 'I' and 'O' and numbers '0' and '1' are exempted to avoid confusion.

You may use your Subscription Key to download updates for the duration of your subscription service. Usually, F-PROT will do this on it's own.


How do I obtain a Subscription Key?

You may either buy a subscription or get a trial subscription (valid for 30 days) to the version 6 of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows.

Does my Subscription Key expire?

Yes, it expires and cannot be reused. You will receive a new Subscription Key every time you buy or renew your subscription.

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