F-PROT was unable to disinfect/quarantine (Chapter 1)
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If F-PROT detects malware on your computer but is unable to disinfect or quarantine the infected items, it is most likely because the malware infection is active and it's files are locked in memory.

This first chapter covers the instructions for doing a full computer scan in Safe Mode, which is a much more effective environment for recovering from malware infection.

Before you begin:
  • Malware infections can be very complex and sometimes they run too deep to be manageable without assistance from an expert. If the instructions below aren't helpful, we recommend contacting Technical Support for expert assistance in analyzing and removing the infection.
  • It is very important to have the latest version of F-PROT installed and make sure that it's virus definitions are very recently updated.
Restarting in Safe Mode:
  1. In Windows, click Start > Shut Down and choose Restart to shut down and restart the computer.
  2. As soon as the computer begins to start up after shutting down, press the F8 button repeatedly, until the startup menu (white letters on black background) is displayed.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to select Safe mode in the list of startup options. Then press ENTER to start Windows in Safe Mode.
  4. You may be asked to select an operating system to start up. Pressing ENTER again is recommended here.

  5. Please wait until Windows is started, it can take a few minutes. Once started, you will most likely be asked to log on with a username and possibly a password. If possible, choose Administrator and provide the password if necessary.

  6. Please note that Safe Mode will look different from normal mode; screen resolution and color depth are typically at a low setting and you will see "Safe Mode" appear in all corners of the screen.
  7. Now open F-PROT Antivirus and start the full computer scan. Click Virus Scanners > Manual scan > My Computer. Then F-PROT will do a full scan and make a more effective attempt at removing any malicious objects detected.

  8. When the scanning completes, you can exit the Safe Mode environment by simply restarting the computer again. Click Start > Shut Down and choose Restart to shut down and restart the computer.
There is a possibility that F-PROT is still unable to remove or disinfect the infected objects found while in Safe Mode. In such a case a more forceful action is required. We recommend contacting the Technical Support team for assistance with cleaning up the infection. Please then include, as attachment, a scan report from F-PROT where the infection was detected but not remedied.
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