Updating from Trial to Full Version
Posted by Finnbogi Finnbogason on 29/05/2009 14:56
If you started out using F-PROT with a trial subscription, you won't need to reinstall F-PROT in order to continue with a purchased subscription. The trial subscription may be updated to a full subscription using the Subscription Key.

In order to do that follow these guidlines:

  1. Purchase a 1-year subscription of F-PROT Antivirus.
  2. Log on to the Customer Zone using the customer number obtained from the e-mail sent regarding your purchase.
  3. Follow the instructions there to display your Subscription Key. Now copy the Subscription Key by selecting it with your mouse and pressing CTRL + C.
  4. Now open F-PROT and click Updates (top menu) > Status (left hand menu) > New subscription key (bottom right corner).
  5. If the key was correctly copied onto the clipboard, F-PROT will recognize it and auto-fill the key in the dialog box. Now click OK to save the key and F-PROT will now use it to enable it's automatic updates.
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