Uninstalling version 6 of F-PROT Antivirus for Windows
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There may be situations where users have problems uninstalling F-PROT Antivirus for Windows 6.x (FPAV6) from their machines. For example if a cleanup utility was used to remove the system's MSI cache, Windows Installer may refuse to remove FPAV6.

In order to mitigate such and similar problems in future, we have created a small wizard-based tool that removes FPAV6 independently from the installer. It is called FPAVEX.

FPAVEX will show its user interface in one of the three following languages: English, German, Icelandic, depending on your locale settings. If your locale setting does not give enough hints which language would be preferred, you are prompted to choose one.

Quick Instructions:

1. Download the tool from the download link below to a location of your choice.

2. On Vista (and later), right-click the downloaded file and choose "Run as Administrator".

3. On all other systems, double-click on the downloaded file to launch it.

4. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

Complete Instructions:

Some people do not like the idea of having to run a tool and attend its user interface in order to control it. Thus, FPAVEX contains a silent (or unattended) mode, which is controlled only by command line options. Please find the relevant parts of the README.txt below.

  The tool has two modes in which it can run: GUI and silent.
    In this mode, the tool will show a wealth of information about what it is
    doing and will prompt for reboot, if a reboot would be needed to finish the
    job. It will guide you through the process of product removal.
    In order to use this mode, simply double-click the FPAVEX executable or
    start it in any other way you are used to start programs. Any command line
    parameters will be ignored, in this mode.
  Silent mode:
    The silent mode exists to enable administrators of networks to use the tool
    without the graphical user interface. Thus no prompts are given and the tool
    will just automatically do its job.
    To use this mode, the minimum requirement is to give the /S option at the
    command line. This will switch to silent mode. However, there are two more
    command line options for fine-tuning the behavior of FPAVEX. These are:
        This option will cause FPAVEX to not reboot.
        Under normal circumstances, it would reboot after removal of any found
        product (or not reboot if nothing was removed). This command line switch
        prevents it from this automatism. However, please note that a reboot is
        *required* to finalize the removal of a running F-PROT installation in
        any case.
        This option will cause FPAVEX to remove itself upon reboot. That is, if
        you give this switch, the executable will be gone after reboot.
        This is ideal in distributed environments, where you just want to launch
        the tool, have it do its job, but want no remainders ...


FPAVEX runs on all platforms that are supported by FPAV6. That is from Windows 2000 through Windows 2008. It also handles 32bit and 64bit versions correctly.


- Windows 2000 or later.

- Administrator privileges.


Download FPAVEX


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